Houston Texans: 3 Reasons Keke Coutee deserves a roster spot

Keke Coutee #16 - (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Keke Coutee #16 - (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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One player on the Houston Texans who deserves to stay on the main roster is Keke Coutee.

The Houston Texans news is known they have a few solid wide receivers who all have a role within the depth chart of the franchise, but one unknown for the 2020 season is whether Keke Coutee will earn a spot on the main roster.

In his rookie season of 2018, Coutee had some standout moments, whether it be in the regular season or when he has a standout game in the Wild Card playoffs. Then came last season where injuries — like his rookie season — arose at times, or there were games where Coutee was just left off the game day roster when healthy.

The Houston Texans news the first two seasons of Coutee’s career has been strange, to say the least. There have been games where he makes everyone notice him, then there are times where it seems like he’s upset head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien and Coutee is nowhere to be seen.

In two seasons with the Houston Texans, Coutee has 50 receptions in 15 regular-season games for 541 yards and one touchdown. Coutee averages 10.8 yards per reception in his two seasons, with his 2018 season seeing him gain 28 receptions and last season he caught 22 passes for the Houston Texans.

To put Coutee’s career in perspective, in 2018 he played in 24 percent of the Texans’ offensive snaps (267)m and last season that number jumped to 32 percent (338 snaps). Coutree didn’t play in either playoff game last season, but in 2018, that is the game where he stood out and made some folks think (including myself) he had the potential to take a few steps within the offense.

In the Houston Texans Wild Card game in 2018, Coutee caught 11 passes on 14 targets for 110 yards and one touchdown. That game showed what Coutee could do for the Texans, but so far he or the Houston Texans haven’t built on that performance.

Maybe 2019 is more like a “sophomore slump” type of season, but if Coutee makes the roster in 2019, he must get the proper opportunity to make himself more targeted on the offense and on the field more than 32 percent of the time in 2020.

Next are three reasons why Coutee should be on the 2020 main roster and not put on waivers to be on the practice squad to start the season.