Houston Texans: Randall Cobb knows elite QBs; now has Deshaun Watson

Randall Cobb Houston Texans (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Randall Cobb Houston Texans (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans receiver Randall Cobb has played alongside elite QBs during his NFL tenure.

When the Houston Texans signed veteran wide receiver Randall Cobb this offseason, they knew they were getting a player who has seen many things in his time in the NFL, plus they had a player who has had many successes as well.

In signing a talented player like Cobb, the Texans now have a player who has played with some pretty elite quarterbacks in his time, with those being Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys. Now Cobb can add another quarterback to that elite list, and that is Deshaun Watson.

Cobb most recently had Prescott as his quarterback for one season, as the 2019 year of football for Cobb saw him finish with 55 receptions (83 targets) for 828 yards and three touchdowns. From 2011-18, Cobb played for the Packers, where in his career in Green Bay he finished with 105 games played (73 starts), collecting 470 receptions for 5,524 yards and 41 touchdowns.

Playing with the talented quarterbacks Cobb has had in his career, adding Deshaun Watson to that mix has to be special and rewarding for Cobb, as he was asked in a recent press conference what it has been like to now get a chance to play with Watson in 2020.

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Cobb said the following in quotes provided by NFL Communications:

"“Definitely. I think all three are elite quarterbacks. One thing about Deshaun watching him on tape whenever I was making my decision is just his accuracy and his ability to make plays. You look at what he’s done just in his first three years. You look at the course of his career from high school, he’s a winner.”"

Cobb continued to talk about Deshaun Watson being a winner and spoke about how he can help Watson continue his NFL path as well:

"“He’s found a way to win on the biggest stage at every level and I think he has that ability. I think being able to take all the experience that I’ve gained playing with a Rodgers and a Prescott over the years and being able to give him some of that knowledge that I’ve been able to receive from those guys and pass that along to him, I think will be beneficial to him.”"

Houston Texans: The addition of Randall Cobb has gone under the radar

When the Houston Texans added Randall Cobb in mid-March, the three-year deal went a little unnoticed as the COVID-19 pandemic began to gain strength and sports as a whole changed as we knew them, including the NFL offseason schedule.

Now with the Houston Texans at the practice facility and trying to get things back to as normal as they can be, the addition of Randall Cobb will really begin to shine and people will start too take notice because like he said before, he has so much experience that can help Deshaun Watson in his career.

It will also be good to have Randall Cobb on the roster for the fact he’s also still a talented player who can play the slot for the Texans, and not only that, just looking at the numbers of Cobb from his lone season with the Cowboys last year, the wide receiver still has plenty left in the tank entering his 10th season in the league.

Cobb graded at nearly 70 for his 2019 season when it comes to his Pro Football Focus grade (69.9), which was his highest grade since 2016 when he also graded at 69.9, and that was a season where Cobb caught 60 passes (80 targets) for 610 yards and four touchdowns.

Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans need to realize the type of veteran wide receiver they have with Cobb. The past Pro Bowl selection can help this Texans offense be better than they were last season, and that includes losing an All-Pro talent, plus a 1,000-yard rusher.

Cobb might not be an All-Pro selection anytime soon, but he can make big-time plays. Not only that, he’ll be able to spark the Texans offense, which means he’ll keep drives alive and be there when nobody expects.

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The veteran Cobb knows what he can bring to the Texans on and off the field, and Watson will be better off for that, meaning the underdog Texans will be as well.