Houston Texans, NFL don’t need preseason games in 2020

Head Coach Bill O'Brien of the Houston Texans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Head Coach Bill O'Brien of the Houston Texans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

From the looks of things, the Houston Texans and the NFL don’t need to have preseason games this year.

With everything that is happening all around the country, players from the Houston Texans and the rest of the NFLPA have made it known they don’t want to have any preseason games in 2020, and who can blame them?

Earlier this week, the owners voted to cut the preseason in half, and the NFLPA voted to not have a preseason at all, and at least for the 2020 season, that is the smarter move. The Pro Football Hall of Fame game has already been canceled, and as for training camps, teams aren’t going to be allowed to scrimmage other teams, so what sense would it make for teams to have preseason games against each other?

The important thing going into the 2020 season is to make sure the players are healthy and to watch the spread of COVID-19, and playing in the preseason is just another unnecessary way to spread that virus. In other words, the 2020 preseason doesn’t need to happen.

As for the Houston Texans, the initial preseason schedule consists of home games at NRG Stadium against Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys in Weeks 2 and 4, and away games against the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints in Weeks 1 and 3.

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Houston Texans: Team seems prepared for no preseason games

From the looks of how rosters are built, having no preseason this year really won’t affect the Houston Texans because they didn’t sign the usual number of rookie free agents, and Bill O’Brien and the Texans front office had just five draft picks. If there ever was a team that seemingly prepared for a short or no preseason at all, it is the Houston Texans.

In an article by Nick Shook of NFL.com, he wrote the following about the preseason situation between the owners and NFLPA about the number of preseason games, as he quoted Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network:

"“The league believes it is its right within the current collective bargaining agreement to set the preseason schedule, per Garafolo.”"

The article also had the following comment from Garafolo:

"“It’s clear that the union and the league are not on the same page with regard to the length of the preseason right now,” Garafolo said during his report on NFL NOW."

This hopefully doesn’t turn into a situation like MLB had where the numbers of games played and things that were to take place became a public battle, because if the NFL is smart, at least for this one preseason, just listen to the players and skip all four preseason games.

As always, though, the NFL is a business, but if the NFL wants to do what is best for business, they will listen to the NFLPA, not have a preseason,and worry about the big picture. If that means scrapping the preseason, so be it.

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At least for the Houston Texans, their 2020 roster could already be close to being set with a good number of veterans and the solid draft class they selected, which will hopefully make the preseason process a bit easier to handle for the franchise as they get set to defend the AFC South title once again.