Houston Texans News: 3 Bold Predictions for Will Fuller in 2020

Will Fuller Houston Texans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Will Fuller Houston Texans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Will Fuller Houston Texans l (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Texans News: 2. Will Fuller will have 10-plus TDs

Think about how much better numbers Will Fuller would currently have if he had been able to stay on the field for most of his career. In his four seasons with the Houston Texans, Fuller has missed 22 regular-season games, as her missed two his rookie season, six in year two, nine games in his third season, and last year Fuller missed five regular games.

Missing those games is no fault to Will Fuller because injuries happen in the NFL, and it just seems since joining the league, especially after his rookie season, injuries that have cost him games have started to pile up.

That said, all of that is in the past, and this is going to stay positive, because Fuller does have the talent and ability to catch at least 10 touchdown passes in 2020. This is the season where Fuller can really make a name for himself, and finish what he’s started in past seasons.

As a rookie in 2016, Fuller was targeted 92 times, where he finished with 47 receptions and two touchdowns. That isn’t too bad for a rookie who played in 14 games. The next season, in 2017, the Texans news made by Fuller included 50 targets for 28 receptions and seven touchdowns in 10 games played.

In ’18, Fuller finished with 45 targets, 32 receptions and four touchdowns, as the ACL injury held him to just seven games. In ’19, Fuller totaled 71 targets for 49 receptions and three touchdowns, as he played in 11 games.

Imagine if Fuller had the chance to play in more games and possibly be the lead target for Deshaun Watson. That chance is here now, and it will be up to Fuller to do so and take advantage of more opportunities headed his way.