Houston Texans: 3 Goals for Ross Blacklock’s rookie season

Ross Blacklock #90 of TCU (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Ross Blacklock #90 of TCU (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images) /
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ross blacklock, houston texans
Ross Blacklock Houston Texans (Photo by NFL via Getty Images) /

2. Houston Texans: Keep learning at the highest level

For Ross Blacklock to be the player the Houston Texans believe he can become, the main thing for him in his first season in the NFL is he’ll have to continue to learn at the very highest level of the game. From all indications from reading comments by and about Blacklock, the feeling is he’s going to be a solid, hard-working player who will bring excitement to this franchise.

When the Houston Texans selected Blacklock in April, the Toro Times graded the selection as an “A” overall, and for good reason. It will be great to see Blacklock play nose tackle for the Texans, and even more than that, imagine how good he can become as he grows more comfortable with the game at the professional level.

Learning the game more while a professional will be key for the Texans, and that’s why this franchise does need to bring in a veteran defensive tackle to the roster because they need to make sure Blacklock learns all he can learn from the very first day of practice.

Blacklock is a big investment for the Houston Texans because of the fact he’ll be the highest selection for the Texans this past draft and in next year’s draft, because Houston has already traded their first-and second round picks in 2021.

If Blacklock keeps learning as his NFL career progresses early on, he’ll not only achieve this goal, and the first goal mentioned, but the next goal can be achieved as well.