Houston Texans: Realistic options available for freeing up cap space

Houston Texans, Angelo Blakson (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Houston Texans, Angelo Blakson (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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Houston Texans fourth and fifth options: Kenny Stills and Zach Fulton

Both of these players should be unmoveable for the Houston Texans unless the right situation presents itself. Zach Fulton has impressed as a versatile offensive lineman that has remained a reliable contributor for the Texans. Fulton has $14 million remaining that is divided evenly in the next two years of his contract. However, Houston would be doing themselves a disservice if they cut ties with him only for financial purposes.

There have been talks of Texans interested in Larry Warford, but Houston honestly has two solid guards under contract for at least two more seasons in Fulton and Scharping. Adding Warford would undoubtedly strengthen the offensive line on paper, but they aren’t hurting to improve that position at the cost it would take.

Kenny Stills is the other player that has $7 million non-guaranteed for this season; however, the impact he brings to the game shouldn’t be understated. Stills could be a top-two option on almost any other offense in the NFL, but he is the third or fourth option on this team. Texans have a lot of talent at wide receiver with Will Fuller, Brandin Cooks, and Randall Cobb. Stills could struggle to see playing time with the other three options, but he would be a great player to have on the roster in case of any injury.

Although it’s important to take into account that Stills is entering the last year of his deal, and it could be understandable if he seeks a trade to a team that could offer him a more prominent role for his next contract. Trading him would not only net some draft assets in return but also give the Texans a bigger cushion in cap room.

There have been no reports that he feels that way, but it is a situation that could present itself. Unless that happens, Stills should be a lock to remain on the roster. His valuable veteran presence in the locker room and play on the field are positives for the Texans.

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Houston could stand pat with their roster, but it wouldn’t be due to a lack of financial resources. These are available options that could allow them to field a competitive roster before Deshaun Watson gets that mega-deal from the Texans after his rookie deal is up.