Texans Schedule 2020: 5 easiest games

Whitney Mercilus #59 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Whitney Mercilus #59 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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The Houston Texans schedule was released on Thursday, and though the opening slate of games is tough, there are a few “easy” games scheduled too for the 2020 season.

Nobody is predicting a perfect 16-0 regular season when looking at the Houston Texans schedule for 2020. Even after being scheduled to start the season with a road game against the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, followed by a Week 2 game against the Baltimore Ravens, there is hope because the Texans schedule does have some winnable games listed.

Yes, the Texans are capable of defeating any of the teams on their schedule, as they proved that last season when they were underdogs in the regular season and gained wins against Kansas City and the New England Patriots. This year they can accomplish that feat again, and who knows, maybe they can be more competitive when they face the Ravens in Week 2 in comparison to last year.

Now back to the “easiest games” on the Texans schedule for the 2020 season. Though none of the games are going to be handed on a silver platter to Houston, there is a feeling on some of the scheduled games where the Texans are the better team.

Next are the “5 easiest games” on the Texans schedule for this upcoming season.

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5. Texans Schedule 2020: Week 10 at Cleveland Browns (Nov. 15)

This isn’t saying the Cleveland Browns will be a breeze in 2020, but as of this writing the players as a whole on this roster haven’t lived up to the hype they all had built for them last season. Cleveland hired a new head coach this offseason, they’ve made some changes on the roster, but until this franchise proves they are a better team on the field they will be on this list.

The Texans are also facing the Browns after coming off a game against the Jaguars, which could help them as Jacksonville is still rebuilding their roster. Not only that, but two weeks before this game with Cleveland was the Texans’ bye week, so that three-week stretch after a challenging start to the season is a pretty good spot on the Texans schedule for this team to gain some victories.

In comparison for quarterback play for Houston and Cleveland, the Texans have the advantage with Deshaun Watson over Baker Mayfield, and there is no debate about that. Quarterback play will be the deciding factor in this game compared to everything else this game has to offer.