NFL Draft 2020 Results: Complete Texans selections and analysis

Wide receiver Isaiah Coulter of Rhode Island (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Wide receiver Isaiah Coulter of Rhode Island (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans draft included the selections they needed to build depth within their roster.

After an exciting and fun-filled three-days of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans draft process ended with the franchise making more trades, and ending up with five new players added to the roster once the final selection was made.

The Texans draft breakdown consisted of one player selected in each the second, third and fifth rounds, and two players (following a trade) selected in the fourth round. The Texans didn’t have a first round pick after they traded that selection (26th overall) last season in a deal that included left tackle Laremy Tunsil, who the Texans just signed a three-year $66 million contract extension with this past Friday.

Houston also traded out of the sixth and seventh rounds this year, including turning a seventh round pick this season into a sixth round pick in 2021 with the New Orleans Saints.

Overall, this was not a bad draft for the Texans at all, in many cases the selection made by the Texans were very good. The following players were selected by Bill O’Brien and the Texans draft decision makers this past weekend, and listed below are analysis to all five Houston Texans draft picks from the 2020 NFL Draft.

. TCU. RossBlacklock. 10. Draft Grade. 40. player. DT

When it comes to the 40th overall selection of Ross Blacklock to the Houston Texans it is OK to be excited for this selection. Eventually Blacklock is going to be a household name for Texans fans as he should be a mainstay on the roster for years to come.

Blacklock had a first-to-second round grade entering the draft, and for him land on the Texans —  and to fall to the franchise at 40th overall — made for a great second round scenario, especially since the team didn’t have to trade up to select the excellent defensive tackle.

player. Draft Grade. Pick Analysis. Edge. JonathanGreenard. 90. Florida. 10

For the Texans to select a pass rusher who can start making a difference on day one when he steps onto the field was another pick to be happy about if you are a fan of the Houston Texans. Jonathan Greenard has the ability to make plays for the Texans, and he’ll eventually make the defense better.

Maybe his best stat from college while at Florida (he’s also played and graduated from Louisville) is the fact he led the SEC in tackles for loss in 2019 with 15.5. This past season Greenard also had 10 sacks.

Again, this is a pick to like, and Greenard will be a player that will work his way into a larger role with the Texans pass rush the more he becomes acquainted with the NFL.

126. OT. North Carolina. 10. Draft Grade. Pick Analysis. CharlieHeck. player

As of today this is an average selection for the Houston Texans draft, but once all of the grooming and building is complete with offensive tackle Charlie Heck, this third round pick should become very solid.

Hopefully this choice is one where the offense of the Texans can have bragging rights with. There are positives about this selection because the Texans are investing in their future with the selection of Heck with the 126th overall selection, which came in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

There is the fact also that Heck’s dad, Andy Heck is also a former long-time NFL player for various teams. Heck seems like the player who will work on all of the small things within his game to get better, so that is another positive about the Texans drafting the 6’7″ tackle.

In time, this selection will pay dividends on the field, and it is just nice to see the Texans are investing in the offensive line the past couple seasons through the NFL Draft.

Draft Grade. CB. Penn State. player. Pick Analysis. JohnReid. 141. 10

Here is a selection in cornerback John Reid that was an above average selection in the fourth round, which was the 141st overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft. There is good reason to keep an eye out on this selection because John Reid will eventually contribute to the Texans in some way during the regular season.

Reid brings some freshness to the cornerback position and that is important to the defense. More so, Reid should make everyone battle more and improve themselves as he works to battle his way to a roster spot with the Texans having a mix of players who were weren’t at their best last season.

The Penn State product ran a 4.49 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine, and while a Nittany Lion he finished his career ranked 11th all-time in school history with 37 passes defensed, and broken down that equals 30 passes broken up with seven career interceptions.

player. IsaiahCoulter. 171. WR. Rhode Island. 10. Draft Grade. Pick Analysis

When one thinks of a “sleeper pick” in this Texans draft list, the final pick the Texans made in the 2020 NFL Draft can fit into that category. Isaiah Coulter of Rhode Island was the 171st overall pick made in the three-day draft, and this fifth round selection will hopefully work out well for the Texans.

If Coulter can play above a fifth round selection and challenge others on the wide receiver depth chart currently with the Texans — which he’ll most likely do — then get to know this name and be entertained by his overall play.

Being 6’2″ Coulter became the tallest wide receiver on the Texans as soon as he was drafted on Saturday afternoon. Coulter has great speed as he ran a 4.45 40-yard dash, and according to Pro Football Focus, Coulter had 33 targets for 14 catches on receptions that were 20-plus yards. Those receptions equaled 452 yards receiving and five touchdowns.

After taking a longer look at the selections Houston made in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Texans draft decision makers did a very nice and above average job in the players they selected, especially without a first round pick.

Houston after some confusing decisions this offseason did what was right in this draft and found players who can help the team in varying roles this season. Some selections may be starters from the first day, while other will battle their way into a roster spot to help the franchise.

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It should be known the this Texans draft was overall on paper a very nice draft, and one the Texans should be happy with moving forward.