Houston Texans News: Kenny Stills rumors and more on 2020 NFL Draft

Wide receiver Kenny Stills #12 of the Houston Texans. (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)
Wide receiver Kenny Stills #12 of the Houston Texans. (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images) /

There will be lots of rumors, opinions and Houston Texans news as this is the 2020 NFL Draft week, with the three-day event starting Thursday.

One thing is for certain when it comes to Houston Texans news this offseason season and that is it has been unpredictable to say the least. The Texans have made blockbuster trades, signings not everyone agreed on, still haven’t extended contracts of two top players, and J.J. Watt appeared on “Saturday Night Live.”

It has been a wild offseason, and the 2020 NFL Draft hasn’t even began. Be sure though, there will be much more Houston Texans news and rumors coming our way until the final selection is made in the 2020 NFL Draft.

For example when it comes to wide receiver Kenny Stills and the Texans? After trading DeAndre Hopkins, adding Randall Cobb in free agency, then trading for Brandin Cooks, will Stills or even Keke Coutee be the odd man out in the wide receiver rotation?

Here is a look at some Houston Texans news ans rumors to start off one of the best weeks of the NFL year, and that is draft week.

Houston Texans News: Is Kenny Stills going to be traded?

Would the Texans really trade Stills, or even worse just outright release him? One team that could be interested in the veteran wide receiver is the Philadelphia Eagles, the 2019 NFC East champions.

Adam Hermann of NBC Sports Philadelphia brings up some solid points if a trade were to even occur between the Texans and the Eagles that included Stills, writing the following in an article last week:

"“The idea of giving up much in the way of picks for Stills, who has one year and $7 million left on his contract, wouldn’t make much sense.  … Perhaps one of their two fourth-round compensatory picks in this year’s draft could move the needle for both sides? I can’t imagine any scenario in which Roseman gives up a third-round pick for just one guaranteed year of a 28-year-old receiver …”"

Eagles fans probably don’t have to worry about giving up a lot in a trade with the Texans franchise, as all need to remember when they traded Hopkins for David Johnson, a second round pick (40th overall), and an exchange of fourth round selections.

Most likely the Texans wouldn’t be expecting much for Stills except for more mid-round draft capital in the 2020 NFL Draft just in comparison to previous trades. Could a trade like this happen? The answer is don’t be surprised if Stills or another wide receiver is traded from the Texans roster this week.

Houston Texans News: DeAndre Hopkins “wasn’t surprised” he was traded

No matter what was happening behind closed doors between general manager/head coach Bill O’Brien and DeAndre Hopkins in recent memory, two things should have never happened. The first thing was O’Brien should have never traded the All-Pro wide receiver for the final amount the Texans received. The second thing is that same All-Pro wide receiver shouldn’t have been “prepared for a deal.”

Both of those things happened, and according to an article written by David Brandt of The Associated Press, Hopkins spoke candidly about being traded, but also joining his new team, the Arizona Cardinals.

"“I see myself fitting in very well,” Hopkins said on Friday. “I know what I bring to the table, those guys know what they bring to the table, and I feel like we’re going to push each other to make the team better.”"

We’ll most likely never know what all officially happened behind the scenes between the two parties, but the final outcome shouldn’t have happened, and that is a fact.

Houston Texans News: Dan Marino is a fan of Deshaun Watson’s shirt

On Sunday following an offseason workout the “Houston Texans news” on Twitter, Deshaun Watson was pictured wearing a Dan Marino shirt, or as some put it, “Wearing a Miami Dolphins shirt.”

You have to love the rumors this time of year as questions arose about Watson and Miami on the web. It was an old-school shirt of a Hall of Fame quarterback Watson was wearing, and most likely nothing more than that. At least Marino himself was a fan of the clothing choice by Watson as seen with the above tweet.

Houston Texans: All-Time draft picks by round. dark. Next

Watson is most likely having some fun with his shirt choice, and at least he’s putting in the work as he always does. Hopefully that work is able to be showcased this September, and the season doesn’t get delayed. Either way enjoy the 2020 NFL Draft week.