Houston Texans Twitter: Does Bill O’Brien need to stay GM?

Houston Texans, Bill O’Brien (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
Houston Texans, Bill O’Brien (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans Twitter isn’t the easiest thing to read right now if you are a fan of head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien.

The talk all over Houston Texans Twitter is about either how Bill O’Brien isn’t cut out to be the general manager of the franchise following some of the decisions made in recent memory, or the fact that DeAndre Hopkins officially passed his physical with the Arizona Cardinals.

Houston’s offseason has been interesting, to say the least, because of the decision-making of O’Brien, and for that, one of the very few positives is the fact he’s made the Texans a talking point. Granted, the talking points about the Texans haven’t been the most positive discussions, but nonetheless, for the Houston Texans, Twitter opinions have been very active.

With the decisions to add players such as David Johnson and Brandin Cooks, to name just two players new to the roster, there are other important decisions to be made as well next week as the 2020 NFL Draft will be taking place.

Though the Texans don’t have a pick scheduled until the second day of the draft, we all know how O’Brien (aka: Trader Bill) likes to shake things up, so we’ll see what his decision-making process brings when the three-day draft begins next Thursday.

Until then, here is a look at some tweets from Houston Texans Twitter about all things Texans.

Houston Texans Twitter: Play formations, GM opinions, and Hopkins passes physical for Cardinals

This is a fun take on the Texans offense, but the Texans could have a video game-type offense, and according to @LateRoundQB, this could be a formation the Texans could use. You see, everyone is capable of having some fun on Houston Texans Twitter, and it will be interesting to see if offensive coordinator Tim Kelly will hit the “square button” and have a play like this for Deshaun Watson and company.

It is a good thing to see former Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is healthy and passed his physical with the Arizona Cardinals. There is also no doubt that Houston Texans Twitter is heartbroken still that he’s now with the Cardinals following the blockbuster trade made by O’Brien.

Hopkins will continue to do great things while in Arizona, but his time with the Texans won’t be forgotten. The Texans will miss Hopkins in 2020, but hey, at least the general manager traded for Brandin Cooks and brought in Randall Cobb, right?


This was a franchise-changing moment for the Texans, and NFL.com this week brought some much-needed happiness to Houston Texans Twitter by posting this clip from the 2017 NFL Draft when Deshaun Watson became the quarterback of the Texans.

Houston did make an excellent decision by drafting Watson in the first round, and they haven’t looked back since as we all know just how important Watson has become to the Texans franchise on and off the field. Now it is time to give the Texans quarterback the long-term contract he deserves.


This is just a funny take by @RossTuckerNFL, but to be honest, there are most likely many on Houston Texans Twitter who might want to see this happen. In my opinion, don’t be surprised to see the Texans draft make more trades when it comes to draft picks .

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on First Take is on fire here in his opinion on whether Bill O’Brien needs to be the general manager of the Texans. It is easy to see where Smith stands on O’Brien’s football operations abilities, and by some of the moves made, Smith sounds correct in his statement in the about tweet shared all over Houston Texans Twitter.

There are a variety of opinions all over the web about O’Brien, the state of the Texans franchise, and which players the Texans need to draft next week. That said, at least there was the happy memory of Watson being drafted.

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Now all of us just have to wait and see where the front office of the Texans takes everyone leading up to the draft, but if it were a guess, the safe bet would be to hold on because it could be like riding a roller coaster more than it already has.