Houston Texans: Players helping victims of tornadoes in Mississippi

Cornell Armstrong, Hourlston Texans (Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images)
Cornell Armstrong, Hourlston Texans (Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images) /

Families of several players of the Houston Texans were in the areas that tornadoes struck in the south.

Mother nature continues to run its course despite the whole world coming to a grounding stop due to the ongoing pandemic, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reported that several players of the Houston Texans have family in the places that tornadoes begun their destruction during this past Easter week. One of the places that have been hit hard by the tornadoes in the small town of Bassfield, Mississippi.

Texans’ defensive backs Cornell Armstrong and A.J. Moore both have family in Bassfield.  Moore and Armstrong became teammates once again in 2019 after the Texans added Armstrong after he was waived by the Miami Dolphins.

Armstrong, and  A.J. Moore, his twin brother C.J. remain close friends at the professional level since growing up and playing football together in Bassfield High School. Now they have a similar problem on hand with their friends and family in need of aid. It was reported that Armstrong’s father was one of the people injured from the natural disaster.

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Meanwhile, Moore uploaded a video of his mother’s vehicle as it was flipped as the tornadoes made its path through their hometown.

Despite how tough the times may seem, it’s incredible that the Texans have two players from the same area come together during these trying times to help a whole town in need. According to Wilson, Armstrong and the Moore twins will be traveling back to their hometown on Friday to send supplies to the people affected by this natural disaster.

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The Bassfield boys have really came a long way from their high school days, and have become a beacon of hope for the people of Jefferson Davis County.