3 Reasons Denzel Mims fits with the Houston Texans draft

Denzel Mims #15 of the Baylor Bears (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Denzel Mims #15 of the Baylor Bears (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /
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The Houston Texans draft prospects must include a wide receiver in the second round, and look no further than Denzel Mims to fill that role.

Later this month, the Houston Texans draft will be of very great importance because not only will they be taking steps forward in a offseason that has been unlike any other, but it will officially be time to forget the way 2019 ended.

It is also a way to forget how All-Pro DeAndre Hopkins is no longer with the franchise, and realize until further notice Bill O’Brien is in total control of the franchise as the general manager and head coach, and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Now how good will the Texans be in 2020? That question can’t have an answer just quite yet as the Houston Texans draft has to be one of their better ones in late April for the reason they don’t have a first-round pick this year. Even more so, one of the picks in the second round (the 40th overall selection) is one of the aspects received in the trade of Hopkins with the Arizona Cardinals.

Now the Texans draft includes two second-round picks (their second one is the 57th overall selection), and if O’Brien is smart within his football operations — and for some, the jury is still out on that one — a wide receiver must be selected with one of those two picks, right?

That all brings us to Baylor University and wide receiver Denzel Mims, who played all four seasons with Baylor during his collegiate career.

Mims is an interesting prospect, and what jumps off the page first is his overall measurements as he’s 6’3 and 207 pounds, which if drafted would make him the tallest wide receiver on the Texans roster. In comparison to Hopkins, the former Texans receiver is 6’1, 212 pounds.

A rookie like Mims (or any rookie for that matter) isn’t expected to take over and be the receiver Hopkins is from the very first day, or even the very first season, of his career. What is expected for a standout wide receiver like Mims following (or whichever receiver comes to town) following the Texans draft is a player who shows work ethic, which leads to improving at the position as the season moves along.

The Texans potentially have a chance to select Mims in the 2020 NFL Draft, and here are three reasons why Mims and the Texans draft process should all line up in the second round.