NFL Draft: 3 late round QBs to target for Texans

Kelly Bryant #7 of the Missouri Tigers. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Kelly Bryant #7 of the Missouri Tigers. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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The Houston Texans need to start thinking about the depth of their quarterback roster during the 2020 NFL Draft.

With the 2020 NFL Draft nearing, the Houston Texans are set at starting quarterback with Deshaun Watson being a rising star in the league after his first three seasons with the franchise since being a first-round pick in 2017.

When it came to his rookie season back in ’17, Watson was on fire after six games, but then an injury happened, and Watson missed the remainder of the season. That season showed just how important depth at quarterback is for a roster because the Texans went from 3-3 with Watson at the helm to only adding one more win for the remainder of that season.

This is where the 2020 NFL Draft comes into play because the Texans need to make sure their Plan B at quarterback is the best they can make it, plus giving A.J. McCarron some competition wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, either.

The Texans can wait until the third day of the draft to add a quarterback with a fourth-round pick, plus a pick in the fifth round and three seventh-round choices to find a quarterback they can work with to play a reserve role as either the top backup quarterback or find a player to build on the practice squad.

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The best hope is the Houston Texans never need to worry about even playing a reserve quarterback in a game for the upcoming season, but they also need to be prepared, and that is where the 2020 NFL Draft comes into play.

There will be plenty of quarterbacks to take a closer look at in the draft on the third day, and if Houston wants to be prepared, they will take scouting quarterbacks seriously because who is to say with the style of play that Deshaun Watson has made famous that he doesn’t get hit the wrong way, or lands awkwardly. Where would the Texans go from there?

Houston’s 2020 NFL Draft is of great importance this season as they have already traded their best wide receiver, they still haven’t signed Laremy Tunsil to a contract extension and Watson’s contract needed looked at and extended too, but who is to say he even wants to stay with the franchise as they did trade DeAndre Hopkins?

The Texans have a lot on their plate as general manager Bill O’Brien has many franchise-altering decisions to make, and one of those is making sure the backup quarterback spot is the best it can be, and that should start with the 2020 NFL Draft in the late rounds.

Here are three options for the Texans if they were to draft a backup quarterback in the seventh round, as Bill O’Brien and his team have three seventh-round picks at their disposal.