5 Texans players and legends you’d want to be quarantined with

Andre Johnson Houston Texans (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
Andre Johnson Houston Texans (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images) /
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The word “quarantine” is in a lot of conversations right now, so we were wondering which Houston Texans players — past or present — would be the best to be quarantined with.

Many of us in the United States are currently asked to stay home and be self-quarantined as the COVID-19 pandemic has currently taken effect in places throughout the country and world. With many Houston Texans being isolated inside at the moment, it got us wondering: which Texans players at any time would you want to be quarantined with?

There are a variety of factors that go into consideration into this discussions, including what types of personalities you would want to be around for at least a two-week period. There would have to be some like-minded people in this group, but at least in this case, having a person or two who has varying ways of thinking would be a must as well because a good debate about any topic would make the time go faster.

Comedic relief would be needed as well because a good laugh or a funny story doesn’t hurt anyone, and who wouldn’t want to have a good time to make the time go faster when in a quarantine situation?

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This being about football, talking to players who were successful on the field would be high up on the list as well. That being said, this list will include many great players who have put in many years with the franchise, but also don’t be surprised to see a Houston Texans player or two who might not have spent much time in the blue-and-red of the franchise, either.

This quarantine group needs to have a variety of players and personalities to make the entire experience fun, as it is sure to include for All-Pro selections, top current players and maybe even a player who had great success elsewhere before joining the Texans.

Next is one person’s list of Texans who would be fun to be in the same area nonstop for two weeks or longer.