Trent Williams, Jason Peters would improve a young Texans offensive line

Should the Houston Texans be looking at two veteran offensive tackles?

With Jason Peters hitting the free agent market and Washington allowing Trent Williams to seek a trade, the Houston Texans should be reaching out for their veteran presence.

The Texans made some moves last season to bolster the offensive line that finally seemed to show some progress. With a young group that is building chemistry, bringing in a proven veteran could be the type of move that really makes it all work.

Peters hitting free agency gives the Texans an opportunity to add not just a talent, but a player who has won at the highest level. The Texans could use leadership on their young offensive line, and who better to provide it than a player that can show them a Super Bowl ring?

After 16 seasons in the NFL, Peters may not be the player he once was. Peters could still provide the steady presence opposite of Laremy Tunsil that the Texans need. Though while it may be a bit of band-aid kind of move as opposed to a long-term solution, it does give the Texans another year to find that bookend tackle for the future.

Williams sat out all of last year due to conflict with his treatment by the Washington medical staff and organization as a whole. Williams will turn 32 years old this season, but after sitting out the ’19 season, his body should be pretty refreshed. Prior to last season’s vacation, Williams made seven straight Pro Bowls.

With Tunsil and Deshaun Watson needing to be extended in the near future, the concern with Williams would be that he is only under contract through the end of this season. With an already thin amount of draft capital over the next two seasons, it would be a tough decision to send out more draft picks, even for a player of Williams caliber.

If the Texans pulled Williams in for the season and he was happy with the organization and that he was back close to home — Williams is from Longview — then maybe they could work on a cap friendly deal going forward, but that’s probably wishful thinking. Even the idea of bringing in Williams, for that matter.

A concern with bringing either of these players in is where they would play on the line. Both have played on the blind side in their careers and the Texans believe that Tunsil has that position solidified. Pushing potential ego issues aside for the opportunity to win seems like something the veterans would have no problem with at this stage of their careers.

It could be a non-issue, but it something to consider. Even Tunsil could swing to the right side to make way for either of the veterans. Chances are that the younger Tunsil would stay on the left side, if I had to guess.

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Having to figure out which side to play your Pro Bowl tackles on seems like a good problem to have, especially for the Texans.

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