Texans mock draft and free agency: Predicting the 2020 offseason

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There is much to do this offseason for the Houston Texans, and here are some predictions for how it could turn out.

Exactly what are the correct decisions for the offseason of the Houston Texans to be deemed a success? Some believe that the edge rush is to most important part of the roster that need fixed, while others believe the biggest aspect of this offseason is to add to the cornerback spot of the secondary.

The Texans could also use better depth at wide receiver, and there is the running back spot of the Texans that needs addressed either in free agency or in the 2020 NFL Draft, which is similar to last year when the Texans traded for Carlos Hyde on a one-year deal.

This offseason has been a bit quiet, but unique, with offensive coordinator Tim Kelly being selected by head coach Bill O’Brien as the new play caller. The new defensive coordinator is Anthony Weaver, as he was promoted to the position after Romeo Crennel was not brought back.

Though things will look different in ’20 for the Texans in how the game is run by the coaches, also remember O’Brien was officially named the general manager of the Texans, so every decision he makes on and off the field will affect the Texans in the short term and in the long term as well.

Now it is time for this franchise, their general manager/head coach and all involved to continue this offseason, which means tough decisions are going to be made — some that will be celebrated, and other decisions that will make many think.

Listed next are predictions for players who can be released, re-signed, added to the roster via free agency and selected in the draft next month.

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