Key decisions to make for Houston Texans free agents

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There are many decisions to make for free agents from the Houston Texans this offseason.

As the Houston Texans approach the beginning of NFL Free Agency, there is much speculation as to what kind of moves every team can do to improve their rosters. Some teams are in the market for a new franchise quarterback, some want to retool a lackluster defense, and others are looking for the final piece to push them into contention.

As for Houston, there are many players around the league that they must already have their eyes on. With that being said, there are a number of in-house players that are due to hit free agency who need to be addressed before all else.

Some of them are household names who every fan should hope to see back in NRG Stadium, whereas others are as good as gone depending on who you ask.

There are technically 20 free agents that the Texans need to make decisions on, and one player was recently released (Vernon Hargreaves III) and is now a free agent himself.

To make matters easier, let’s look at the minor contributors and see who deserves a renewed contract and who will likely be seen in another uniform next year.

In the ensuing pages, each free agent will be listed with their position, age next season, last year’s salary, and key stats.

Here is a look at every free agent for the Houston Texans this offseason.

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