Houston Texans to face Super Bowl champions in 2020

The Houston Texans will face six teams in 2020 who qualified for the 2019 NFL Playoffs, including the Super Bowl champions.

If many believed the Houston Texans had a tough schedule in 2019 when the franchise won the AFC South for a second consecutive season plus a playoff game, then the 2020 schedule for the Texans is tough as well, with six teams on the schedule being a part of the ’19 NFL Playoffs.

The playoff teams on the schedule for the Texans include the Tennessee Titans (twice), Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots and the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Houston will face the Titans and Chiefs on the road in ’20, but for the Texans, they did go 1-1 against both teams this past season where they split the regular-season games with the Titans and defeated the Chiefs in the regular season, but lost in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

Listed are the home and away opponents for the Texans during the ’20 season with their ’19 regular season record:

HOME: Indianapolis Colts (7-9), Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10), Tennessee Titans (9-7), Baltimore Ravens (14-2), Cincinnati Bengals (2-14), Green Bay Packers (13-3), Minnesota Vikings (10-6) and New England Patriots (12-4).

AWAY: Chicago Bears (8-8), Cleveland Browns (6-10), Detroit Lions (3-12), Indianapolis Colts (7-9), Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10), Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8), Tennessee Titans (9-7) and Kansas City Chiefs (12-4).

Being a division champion brings the best of the best for the forthcoming season for the Texans, but playing the top teams in the NFL is what will be needed for this franchise if they ever want to be serious contenders when the playoffs arrive. Even the networks don’t take the Texans as a serious contender for the Super Bowl, as they are always the very first playoff game aired on a Saturday afternoon.

The game that will be exciting to watch is when the Texans face the Super Bowl LIV champion Chiefs, because not only did the Texans defeat them in the regular season, but how the Texans lost to Kansas City stings and leaves a bad feeling over the franchise.

Houston had a 24-point lead in the second quarter in the Divisional Playoff game, and well, all we need to know is the Chiefs advanced and didn’t lose again as they won the Super Bowl by a 31-20 score, even as they battled back from being down 10 points in the second frame. Kansas City seemed to be pretty good at making comebacks in the playoffs this year.

With Houston playing a strong schedule — the Bengals and Browns will most likely be improved from their 2019 records — the season won’t be a walk-through, and improvements are going to need to be made through free agency, the 2020 NFL Draft and even maybe a trade, which the Texans made a few big ones last offseason.

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The 2020 NFL season will be exciting, and much will occur too between now and Week 1 of the season. Knowing what lies ahead for the Texans in terms who they will face in ’20, it is going to be an interesting and exciting ride this offseason.

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