Houston Texans Daily Roundup: 3 wins in a row a possibility?

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 07: Alfred Blue #28 of the Houston Texans is tackled by Tyrone Crawford #98 of the Dallas Cowboys in hte fourth quarter at NRG Stadium on October 7, 2018 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 07: Alfred Blue #28 of the Houston Texans is tackled by Tyrone Crawford #98 of the Dallas Cowboys in hte fourth quarter at NRG Stadium on October 7, 2018 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans are on the verge from starting the season at 0-3 to following that up with three straight wins. Can it actually happen this Sunday?

When the Houston Texans began the season at 0-3 thinks looked very bleak for the franchise as playing in the AFC South, and losing one of those games within the conference didn’t make matters any better. Fast forward and the Texans have since won their past two games in overtime and have a game this weekend with the Buffalo Bills where a win would put Houston at the .500 mark after six games.

The potential to reach the .500 mark seems like a wild idea after watching how the way the Texans’ season has went this year. Recent wins against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 4 and then defeating the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday night, added with all three teams in the AFC South losing this past Sunday, and here we are seeing the Texans at 2-3 and just a single game out of first place in the conference standings.

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What a ride it has been for Texans fans, and better yet what a ride it will be as this season continues because it is still tough to see how this team will continue to play throughout the season. The play calling by the Texans is still questionable, as sometimes they are too conservative and at other times too aggressive.

The offensive play calling has yet to find a nice balance. There is also the prolonged healthy of quarterback Deshaun Watson as he’s taken some tremendous hits this season, plus all of the other usual worries when it comes to cheering for any NFL team.

There are questions like where is the Texans rushing game other than Watson? Wouldn’t it be nice to see a running back on this roster take over a game every now and again? Is Lamar Miller that guy once he recovers from his chest injury?

The season has been interesting and will continue to be until as the Texans continue to get all of their pieces in the right order.

Here are the headlines for Tuesday.

• Sarah Barshop of ESPN.com has an article about how Watson has been taking a lot of hits of his own doing when he running the football, quoting Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins about Watson taking all the extra hits:

"“[I’m] in the huddle telling him to get down,” Hopkins said. “I need [Watson]. That’s what I tell him, honestly. Don’t take those hits unless you — have to.”"

Everyone should respect how Watson plays the game, but Hopkins is correct in his assessment of Watson needing to get down and avoid the big hits when possible. Watson is the most important player on the Texans offense as we all saw how well they played without him after he was injured last season. The Texans need Watson to run with the football, but maybe he doesn’t need to go for the extra couple yards unless the game is on the line.

• Sean Pendergast of the Houston Press gave four winners and four losers from the win on Sunday night against the Cowboys. Pendergast wrote about how Alfred Blue was one of the winners this week:

"“As a backup who can step in in a pinch on short notice, like he did last night, and get you 119 total yards, I’m fine with Blue.”"

Blue is a perfect backup running back for the Texans and though he’ll never be a full time starter for Houston, as in one that will be a game changer each and every week, he’s still a valuable part of the offense and a player who brings value with the franchise.

The main question for the Texans running back situation is do they have a running back on the roster that is dependable and will any running back on the team have a 100-yard rushing game anytime soon?

House of Houston (a FanSided site) has an article by Brian K. Patterson about how Hopkins is proving he’s the best wide receiver in the NFL. Patterson wrote in his article:

"“He can haul it in from anywhere and he’s so good, he commands multiple guys on him to which it was hard for the Cowboys to do last night.”"

Hopkins might not be considered the best wide receiver by a national audience, though he’s in the conversation. Once the offense of the Texans gets completely organized, Hopkins will get all of the accolades he deserves, and the 49-yard play he had in overtime on Sunday night was amazing. Hopkins is a great wide receiver and has done so much in his career with below average quarterbacks, seeing how he and Watson play together the rest of the season should be really interesting.

Finally having not only a solid quarterback in Watson, but other wide receivers (Will Fuller and Keke Coutee) who must be defended carefully as well, Hopkins can really show everyone just how great of a wide receiver he is.

• Tweet of the Day

Hopefully for the Texans there are more post game celebrations like this with Watson and J.J. Watt.

Next. Texans: Necessary adjustments made to the o-line. dark

Watson played tough and Watt is back to his old self. Entering Week 6 and the Buffalo Bills next on the schedule the opportunity is there for the Texans to celebrate like this once again and for Watt to keep his league lead in the sack department.