Houston Texans Daily Roundup: Andre Hal in remission

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As the Houston Texans prepare for the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday, teammate Andre Hal received news that is more important than football.

Houston Texans safety Andre Hal received news that is much bigger than football in that he is in remission following his diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Let’s first take a look at that, followed by the rest of the news involving the comings and goings of the Texans.

Sarah Barshop of ESPN.com reported on the news of Hal on Wednesday, quoting Texans head coach Bill O’Brien:

"“[Andre] Hal, his Hodgkin’s lymphoma is in remission. Dre’s a very special guy to us here, he’s a very special guy to me. He’s been here from the start.”"

This is great news for Hal and his family. Here is to seeing the best from Hal from here on out as he continues his recovery.

More from Houston Texans News

Andy Benoit of Sports Illustrated took a close look at the season of Deshaun Watson and how the starting quarterback isn’t “the root of the Texans’ problems.” Benoit wrote on Wednesday:

"“The Texans’ greater problems reside in Watson’s surroundings. Behind Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins, Houston’s receiving corps are very thin, and even more alarming, the offensive tackles are slow and callow.”"

Benoit isn’t lying about the Texans tackles and wide receivers for the Texans. The front office of the Texans didn’t do a good enough job this past offseason in getting the right players on the field with Watson, and now their overall play on offense is showing. This will be a long process for the entire offense to improve, but how long it will take is anybody’s guess.

• Sean Pendergast of the Houston Press has written about the the 2017 rookie class of the Texans has regressed in 2018. Pendergast wrote the following on second-round pick Zach Cunningham:

"“A bulked up Cunningham (shout out to the new cafeteria!) has become a kill spot that opposing QB’s seek out on the Texans’ defense.”"

Cunningham isn’t having a good start to the season, but he does have 21 combined tackles, although he has no sacks and just one pass defensed. There is still a lot of work to do for Cunningham in his progression in the NFL. As previously mentioned with his pass coverage, if he wants to compete as a linebacker in the NFL, he can’t continue to allow touchdowns. It will take more time for Cunningham as he’s played in just 19 games in his NFL career, but can the Texans afford that this season?

• The Bull Rush from SportsRadio 610 wrote about how Keke Coutee is “ready to step up.” The article stated the following from Coutee:

"“Coutee says that he’s ready to show what he can do for a Texans offense that’s in desperate need for an extra weapon that can help them win their first game.”"

If Coutee gets back on the field and stays healthy, it will be interesting to see how he can possibly give a spark to the Texans offense. Coutee won’t be the saving grace for the Texans offense, but help is needed, and he could be the player they need to help get things back in the right direction.

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Missed tackles will hurt a defensive effort, and though the offense is getting a lot of the blame for the 0-3 start (as they should), the defense hasn’t been as great as they should be either, and some of that is shown with the above tweet.