Houston Texans Roundup: Is Deshaun Watson better than before?

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Here is a look at some Houston Texans articles and opinions from around the internet.

Week 3 of the preseason has began and for the Houston Texans it is still about getting ready for the upcoming 2018 season, as this could be the most important preseason game of any Texans season. One player who the Texans need to return strong — and maybe even better than last season — is starting quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Mike Jones of USA Today wrote an article on Thursday about Watson asking is he even better than last year, stating the following in his article:

"“Most every team brims with optimism this time of year, but the Texans’ hopes seem to be justified. Not only is Watson healthy again, he’s actually even better now, according to the quarterback, his coach and his teammates.”"

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Since Watson has recovered from a torn ACL before at the collegiate level and returned to become a national champion quarterback at Clemson, there is no doubt that in my mind that Watson can be just and good, or like the article asked, even better than he was as a rookie.

Sure, there might be some rust to shake off for a couple games, but with the third preseason game still in front of Watson, he’ll have a great opportunity to see where he stands going into Week 1 in September when the Texans face the New England Patriots.

This is the best time of the year to be exited for Watson, because even though it is a mystery as to how healthy he’ll stay in 2018, the excitement of seeing one of the better quarterbacks back in a regular season game is something all football fans should be excited for.

Can Matt Lengel make the 53-man roster?

Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle wrote about Texans tight end Matt Lengel and how he’s impressing those in charge of making the roster with his play in the preseason and in training camp. Wilson wrote the following off the player claimed on waivers this offseason by quoting Texans head coach Bill O’Brien:

"“Tough guy, really good guy, fun guy to coach,” O’Brien said. “Hard-working guy, just brings a lot of good work ethic and toughness to the position.”"

It is good to see the Texans have some battles going on for roster spots during training camp especially at tight end where the current depth chart consists of: Ryan Griffin, Jordan Akins, Jordan Thomas, MyCole Pruitt, Stephen Anderson, Jevoni Robinson and Lengel.

With that much competition to do battle with, it might be tough for Lengel to make the roster of the Texans, but crazier things have occurred with position battles in the NFL. If Lengel were to make the roster of the Texans it would make for a great story. As six players battle to play behind Griffin on the tight end depth chart, watching Lengel from here on out will at least be interesting to say the least.

• Could Watson win the MVP?

Bill Barnwell of ESPN.com wrote about how Watson and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz could possibly regress in 2018 and still become the NFL Most Valuable Player. Barnwell wrote the following about Watson in the ESPN.com article:

"“He (Watson) succeeded with a stat line that looks more like a top passer from the 1970s than one from today, which seems remarkable given that Watson is about as modern of a quarterback as it gets. Understanding what he will do in 2018 starts with the fact that …”"

Watson and Wentz might be the two most intriguing quarterbacks in the NFL this season because they are so talented, and returning from injuries. Wentz’s Eagles eventually won a Super Bowl last season without his services late in the season, while the Texans went in the complete opposite direction a season ago, finishing with four wins.

Even if Watson’s stats don’t jump off the page, he’s still an exciting quarterback to watch and more so, the Texans are a much better team with him on the field than the were without him last season in the second half.

Watson as the MVP of the league isn’t a far fetched idea, but he’ll need the help of him teammates to make that happen.

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Final Texans Thoughts

There is a lot to look forward to for the Texans in the remainder of training camp and this preseason. Even with all of the excitement, this third preseason game will help sort out who belongs on the roster and who doesn’t. The third preseason game has the Texans at the Los Angeles Rams this Saturday at 4 p.m. ET, so it will be the most interesting preseason game to say the least and for seeing more roster spot battles, that is worth watching in itself.