Texans need to find a new backup quarterback immediately

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 10: Tom Savage /

When evaluating the needs of the Houston Texans, backup quarterback does instantly spring to mind. However this is a position that needs to be solidified sooner rather than later. The impact a backup quarterback can have a team has the potential to be quite large. Last season was evidence of that.

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is the Houston Texans starting quarterback but he needs be mentioned here. His health will be the topic of discussion leading up to next season. If there is a reason he is unable to start Week 1 or suffers another injury, his backup will need to come in and pick up the pieces.

Tom Savage

Tom Savage saw extended playing time last season. The overwhelming majority of his action came in the wake of Watson’s injury. Savage was unspectacular to say the least. An injury to Savage ended his season which brought upon his backup seeing playing time. Savage has shown that he is incapable of thriving in this offense and might be better off in a different situation.

T.J. Yates

The third and final quarterback to play this season for the Texans, T.J. Yates also played and left a lot to be desired. The Texans were not impressive offensively with Yates. Yates has shown he is not a suitable backup that can step in if needed.

Type of quarterback

The type of quarterback a team selects as their backup is often overlooked. It is best to find a quarterback who can run a similar offense as the regular starter. This allows the other 10 players to not have to change the way they play. With a traditional quarterback this is not an issue however Watson is anything but traditional.

Watson’s mobility gives him dynamic playmaking ability that few others possess. While it is unlikely that they are able to find a quarterback who plays at the same level as Watson, finding a similar skill set is still possible.

Texans options

There is one high-profile free agent quarterback who could use the uncertainty of Watson to restart his career. Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater’s career was derailed with an injury that some thought was career ending. If Bridgewater wanted to seize a potential opportunity to restart his career, Houston could be it. However it is worth mentioning that this is more of a pipe dream than anything.

The next two quarterbacks the Texans could target are more likely options. E.J. Manuel and Geno Smith. Both possess similar skill sets and would be available on an inexpensive contract. Manuel and Smith are nothing special however the offense would not have to change all that much if Watson would be unavailable for one reason or another. Consistency is key with a young team like the Texans and having similar style quarterbacks on the roster will only help.

Savage and Yates are both free agents and should find jobs elsewhere. Bringing in their replacements is a necessity. Targeting similar quarterbacks to Watson will only improve the Texans as a team and maintain a potentially lethal offensive attack.