Guards in free agency the Houston Texans can target


To put it bluntly the Houston Texans have a sub-par offensive line. Improvements are needed all across the board. Potential left tackles were covered in a previous article. This article will take a look at guards that the Texans can target in free agency to improve their offensive line.

Andrew Norwell

Andrew Norwell is one of the best offensive lineman available in free agency. Norwell ranks as the third best guard according to Pro Football Focus with a grade of high quality. Acquiring Norwell will not be cheap for the Texans as the 26 year old should be looking to cash in after coming in to the league undrafted. If Houston were to acquire Norwell that could be the only big name free agent brought in.

Jahri Evans

This would be more of a stop gap solution than anything. Jahri Evans is in the latter part of his career. While making a move to acquire Evans would improve the line it is not a long-term solution. This move would be made if Houston truly believes they can win it all next season. The 34 year old guard graded out as average and ranks as the 30th overall guard according to Pro Football Focus.

Josh Kline

This would be quite the move for Houston. Signing a guard from their division rival Tennessee Titans would be quite the steal. The rivalry between the two teams would only continue to grow as a result. Kline ranks as the 24th overall guard and grades out as average according to Pro Football Focus. There are better options available (Norwell) but taking away a player from a rival is always a win.

Brandon Fusco

Brandon Fusco has performed quite well during his time in San Francisco. Pro Football Focus has him graded as the 21st overall guard and grade him as average. Fusco would be an instant upgrade for a Texans line that desperately needs it. Fusco would be another option that would be paid on the lower end of the spectrum which could allow another aforementioned name listed here to be signed as well.

Texans own free agent guard

Yes, the Houston Texans have their own guard who is a free agent. Xavier Su’a-Filo. Su’a-Filo has not been great and his poor play is part of the reason why new lineman need to be brought in. Su’a-Filo ranks as the 80th overall guard and is graded as poor by Pro Football Focus. Simply put the Texans should let him walk and find suitable replacements in free agency. As the above names suggest, there are plenty of quality lineman available.