Should the Houston Texans brace themselves for a disappointing 2018?

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images /

With Injuries to key players, potential coaching changes and controversies ignited by ownership, the Houston Texans could quite possibly regress in 2018.

The Texans are a franchise on the rise. Solid coaching, promising quarterback Deshaun Watson, bruising running back D’Onta Foreman, arguably the best wide receiver in the game DeAndre Hopkins and a defense that can still be a force. Potentially a championship squad. However, it is also a distinct possibility that the franchise could very easily be looking at a disappointing 2018.

Many promising teams go through it. Windows of opportunity close quickly in the NFL for many reasons. The Dallas Cowboys are a case in point. From 13-3 in 2016 to not making the playoffs in 2017. Here are the salient data points we should all keep in mind:

Other teams get better by improving their roster and upgrading their coaching staff. I have said it before, the best coached teams win in this league. Case in point, Bill Belichick. That is not a knock on head coach Bill O’Brien, but it remains to be seen what changes are made around the league.

James Mastrucci reported the Texans will retain Bill O’Brien as head coach. Until I see 100% confirmation of this, I remain concerned. If we lose O’Brien, it would be devastating to our young talent to learn a new system and adapt to a new coaching staff.

Defensive Coordinator Mike Vrabel will garner head coaching interviews. What if he lands within the division? Per Albert Breer of The MMQB the Colts have permission to interview Vrabel.

Bob McNair, owner of the Houston Texans, made controversial comments calling his players inmates. In my personal and professional experience, people never forget the way you treat them. Some players may hold grudges. It takes just a few to no longer buy in for things to fall apart.

I have written before about players having predisposition to injuries where I referenced an article from the Atlantic which discusses the genetics of being injury prone. The injury to Watson was not his first ACL tear. What will he be in his first season returning from an ACL tear? Will he be injury prone? Will we ever see a prolonged period of the magic we witnessed?

Foreman’s injury. Will he be the same bruising running back we saw in his rookie year? It is well known that it is usually the second year after an achilles tear when a player really gets back to form. The talk of moving on from running back Lamar Miller is premature. If we do so and Foreman is not what he was in 2017, this could be yet another setback.

Next season holds promise for the Houston Texans. However, with so much parody it is difficult to win in the NFL. The variables discussed may play a role, so fans should be prepared that it could just as easily be a very frustrating and disappointing 2018.