Tom Savage moves up in B/R’s QB rankings

Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images /

Houston Texans’ starter Tom Savage is finally moving up the quarterback rankings.

Houston Texans’ rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson was almost the top-ranked quarterback in Doug Farrar’s quarterback rankings for Bleacher Report earlier in the season.

With Watson out and Tom Savage at the helm, it would be a miracle for him to get out of the 20’s right now.

Savage has been tumbling down the ranks since taking over, but for the first time this season he moved up from the no. 26 to no. 25.

Here’s a portion of what Farrar wrote this week:

"At this point in his career, Tom Savage isn’t playing to become the starting quarterback of the Houston Texans. The team told Savage what it thinks of his future prospects when it traded up to get Deshaun Watson in the draft, and Watson validated that move in every way possible before a knee injury knocked him out for the rest of the season. Savage is playing to, at best, be somebody else’s starter.Against the Titans on Sunday in a 24-13 loss, he alternated between looking like he was ready to take the next step somewhere and very definitely not…"

"If you keep Savage safe with the short stuff and let him heave the ball to Hopkins once in a while, it’s a manageable system. Anything more than that will require more development."

It certainly makes sense for Savage to make short throws. If he really knows what’s good for him, they’ll be short and quick because he needs to get rid of the football as soon as possible with how bad the Texans’ offensive line is.

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Savage hasn’t shown anyone that he’s good enough to be an NFL starter, but in all fairness to him, he could play a lot better if he had an offensive line, that could give him some time in the pocket.

It also doesn’t help Savage that most of his top receivers are injured. Bruce Ellington is now on injured reserve, Braxton Miller is dealing with a concussion and Will Fuller has a rib injury and hasn’t played in three weeks.

Things were so bad this past week that running back Andre Ellington was playing wide receiver.

Comment below and tell us whether you think Savage is getting any better over the past few weeks.