Duane Brown has provided boost for Seahawks’ offense

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 05: Offensive tackle Duane Brown
SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 05: Offensive tackle Duane Brown /

Boy do the Houston Texans miss having left tackle Duane Brown on their roster after trading him earlier in the season to the Seattle Seahawks.

Left tackle Duane Brown only played one game for the Houston Texans this season after he returned from his contract hold out, prior to being shipped off to the Seattle Seahawks.

The thinking was that the Texans didn’t need Brown, since they had a quarterback in Deshaun Watson who’s mobile and able to avoid the rush despite having a poor offensive line in front of him.

Unfortunately, after trading Brown, Watson went down with a torn ACL.

Now the Seahawks are reaping the benefits of have Brown on their roster, while the Texans and quarterback Tom Savage can’t get their offense going without Watson.

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus has written an article explaining how Brown has helped the Seahawks, since arriving in the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s a portion of what Monson wrote:

"Brown has allowed just one sack since starting for the Seahawks (coming Sunday night against the Eagles), and nine total pressures across five starts. The player he replaced – Rees Odhiambo – allowed four in the last game he started and has a game on his resume this season with 10 total pressures surrendered.The upgrade from Odhiambo (overall PFF grade of 27.5, worst in the league) to Brown (overall PFF grade of 78.2, 22nd) cannot be overstated."

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Can you believe that? Brown has only given up one sack. I’m sure the Texans are sick to their stomachs right now, knowing that trading him was probably a bad move and ended up really hurting them this season.

Now if the Texans had kept Brown, it doesn’t mean their offense would be playing any better, but it would have certainly helped.

Monson also mentioned that the Seahawks had the 30th-ranked pass-block efficiency score before Brown came on board. Now they’re ranked 10th in the NFL.

I don’t know where the Texans rank in PFF’s pass-block efficiency, but if I were to make an educated guess, I would assume it’s towards the bottom of the league.