Bill O’Brien threatens to bench Tom Savage

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It sounds like Houston Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien is very close to sitting Tom Savage down in favor of T.J. Yates.

I would imagine that if the Houston Texans had a better option to turn to at the quarterback position, that Tom Savage would be benched right now.

With all of the turnovers over the past few games by Savage, Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien was asked on Tuesday whether or not he’s thinking about benching him and he said no.

So while O’Brien has denied that he’s thinking about benching Savage while talking to reporters, he then threatened to bench him if he doesn’t stop turning the ball over. So it sounds like he has thought about it.

My guess is that O’Brien didn’t want to admit that he is pondering the idea of sitting Savage down in favor of Yates, but as his media session went on, he let it slip that he is in fact thinking about benching Savage.

Don’t be surprised if Savage has a short leash and gets pulled against the Tennessee Titans this Sunday.

O’Brien said that he wishes they could have thrown the ball more to wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins on Monday night.

Well, 10 targets is a lot. I think 15 would have been more ideal. I’m not sure if they could have gotten away with 20 passes Hopkins’ way.

Texans have a problem at left tackle

Kendall Lamm had a rough night playing left tackle against the Ravens and he may have to start again this week, with both Julie’n Davenport and Chris Clark still injured.

Clark actually started the game, but ended up leaving with an ankle injury and things don’t look good for this week.

The only thing the Texans can do to help Lamm out is by having a running back or tight end chip a pass rusher off the line in order to give Savage more time in the pocket.

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Comment below, do you think Savage will get benched this week?