Can Tom Savage play better?

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Tom Savage is motivated by the recent comments of Houston Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien. But does it matter?

There is no other way around it, but Tom Savage has been a disaster of a quarterback for the Houston Texans, since taking over for an injured Deshaun Watson.

Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien made it clear this week that Savage has to play better.

From the Houston Chronicle:

"“It’s time to get going,” said O’Brien this week, regarding Savage."

Savage said on Friday said that O’Brien’s comments have certainly motivated him.

"“It’s motivating,” Savage said. “Obviously, you want to be ready to go. You’ve only played five games, but really it doesn’t matter you have to go out there and perform.”"

It’s great that Savage feels motivated, but does that mean he’ll actually play better?

I wouldn’t bet on it. Savage is who he is and that’s because he doesn’t have an offensive line that he can trust.

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Houston’s offensive line was good enough for Watson, who could move around and make plays with his feet. But Savage is a statue who has to rely on his offensive line to hold up for 3-5 seconds in order for him to read opposing defenses and go through his progressions.

The reason I believe this, is because Savage was solid last year in the three games that he played and I think a big reason for that was that he had a left tackle like Duane Brown, who of course was just traded a couple of weeks ago and is no longer around.

Savage completed 63 percent of his passes in 2016, compared to 47.3 percent this season.

Some quarterbacks can sit back and read the field while not worrying about the pass rush that’s about to bury them. Savage is not that kind of player, which is why he’s connecting with his receivers only 47 percent of the time.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe Savage can get much better this season.

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