Texans should sign Colin Kaepernick if they want to save season

Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images /

Colin Kaepernick could help the Houston Texans’ offense not miss a beat with rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson out for the rest of the season.

With Houston Texans’ rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson now out for the remainder of the 2017 NFL season, i can’t imagine that head coach Bill O’Brien’s team will finish above third place in the AFC South.  This of course means that I currently don’t believe they have a chance at making the playoffs.

Tom Savage will of course now take over as the Texans’ starting quarterback for this Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts and for the rest of the season.

I think Savage is a good solid quarterback, but he’s a sitting duck behind the Texans’ weak offensive line.

Let’s be honest, Watson made Houston’s offensive line look better than they actually are because of his mobility and ability to evade the rush.

If the Texans want to have any chance at making the playoffs, they need to sign former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick. But of course they won’t because the NFL has black balled him.

Instead the Texans signed Matt McGloin to back up Savage. It’s laughable to think that McGloin is better than Kaepernick.

Now this move does make a little sense,  since O’Brien coached him at Penn State. But other that, it doesn’t make sense, because neither Savage or McGloin are better than Kaepernick.

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Kaepernick isn’t better than Watson, but he could fill his shoes and run the same plays that O’Brien had Watson running. He would also be able to extend plays and keep the sack count down.

At the end of the day, the Texans are fooling themselves with their current quarterback situation.