Jerry Jones: Bob McNair wasn’t calling players “inmates”

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Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair has received some support from fellow owner, Jerry Jones.

Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair has taken plenty of heat from his players after referring to NFL players as “inmates” during a recent meeting with other owners and league executives.

McNair supposedly said that he wasn’t talking about the players, but rather the NFL’s relationship with the owners.

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones backed  McNair during his weekly radio show and said that he was not talking about the players when McNair said, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

From the Houston Chronicle:

"“Bob is one of the absolute most admired people, as far as the ownership, there is in the NFL, and I know what Bob’s stature is in Houston,” Jones said. “He brought football back to Houston. It’s so unfortunate that he’s had this happen for him. But he’s really a guy that has a lot of influence and I admire him greatly. I heard him. He did not and was not talking about the players. ..“This is really unfortunate the way that it came out. He’s the first to tell you that he misused words, but it’s so unfortunate because he’s a high-quality individual.”"

It sounds like it’s a he said, he said situation. McNair will be condemned by some, while others will support him and not care about his comments. The problem is, what he said has insulted the very players that work for him.

I trust that the two NFL reporters that broke the story on McNair’s comments, didn’t embellish the story. I’m sure many people don’t agree with me and that’s OK.

Once the news got out about what McNair said, the easiest thing for him to do was to claim that he was not talking about the players. But honestly, it wouldn’t make sense for him to say what he said about anyone else.

The NFL and their owners are the ones who run the entire league. It’s a partnership. So why would an owner like McNair be worried about the NFL running things? That’s why his excuse doesn’t make sense to me.

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