Texans’ owner Bob McNair doesn’t get it

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Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair doesn’t understand that he has to respect his players.

It’s nice that Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair apologized for comparing NFL players to prison inmates.

But is McNair sorry he got caught, or does he really understand how racist his comment was?

McNair, and Im sure many NFL owners really don’t get it.

Owners like McNair don’t seem to understand that they need to respect their players.

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Granted, the NFL is a league that if one player gets injured, another one could pretty easily replace him. Of course this depends on what position is affected by the injury.

For example, we know that the Texans don’t have anyone who can replace quarterback Deshaun Watson. They also don’t have a No. 1 wide receiver like DeAndre Hopkins or another left tackle like Duane Brown.

So comparing, the players I just mentioned above to inmates, is highly disrespectful.

Now of course, McNair and the other NFL owners are worried about losing money over players kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem. But it’s their fault that they can kneel.

The reason I say this, is because there isn’t a rule within the league that states that the players must stand. The NBA has a rule that requires their players to stand, but not the NFL.

I also understand that McNair doesn’t want his players to have control. But in an industry like the NFL,  the players have a lot of leverage and control. More than your average worker in the United States. You can’t compare an office employee or a construction worker to an NFL player. The industries are too different.

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This is because, if all of the players within the NFL walked out today, there’s no way that the product on the field would look as good with replacement players.

At the end of the day, the reason it’s so easy for McNair to compare his players to “inmates,” is because he would love to control them like so. Right now, he’s unhappy that he’s lost some of that control with players protesting, which could hurt his income as an owner.

Former Dallas Cowboys’ executive Tex Schramm once compared his players to cattle. I’m sorry, but NFL players are not animals that you can control. It seems like many owner these days don’t understand that and they don’t like the reality that they’re facing.