Bill O’Brien not a fan of Braxton Miller’s flip

Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images /

Braxton Miller needs to be smarter or else he may not be active for the Houston Texans’ next game.

Houston Texans’ wide receiver Braxton Miller had been a healthy scratch in each of the team’s previous two games before this past Sunday’s win over the Cleveland Browns.

I’m going to assume that Miller was fired up to get back on the field and get a chance to help out the Texans on offense.

Miller finished the game with 2 receptions for -5 yards, but he did score a touchdown. As you can see in the video below, Miller decided to flip into the end zone.

Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien has made it clear that he’s not happy with Miller’s decision to do a flip as he scored his first touchdown of the year.

From the Houston Chronicle:

"“Yeah, I didn’t like the flip, I did not like the flip,” O’Brien said Monday. “Just score, hand the ball to the official would be my advice to him.”"

I don’t mind players doing flips to celebrate, but flipping into the end zone isn’t smart. Miller could have easily injured himself.

We’ve all seen players over the years tearing an ACL or suffering some kind of injury by celebrating touchdowns as well as even sacks.

Miller needs to be smart, especially given the fact that he’s the Texans’ fourth best wide receiver behind DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller and Bruce Ellington.

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Kevin Johnson should be ready next week.

A 3-3 record heading into their bye week is not bad at all. But the Texans do need to prove that they can defeat a good NFL team.

They will have an chance to do so when they face off against the Seattle Seahawks in 11 days.

One thing that will help the Texans is that cornerback Kevin Johnson is expected to practice next week.

Miller has been out since week two, after suffering a sprained MCL against the Cincinnati Bengals that week.