Will the Texans’ secondary improve?

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images /

The Houston Texans need their secondary to bounce back.

The Houston Texans were so close to knocking off the New England Patriots up in Foxboro last Sunday.

The reason the Texans weren’t able to pull off the win had nothing to do with rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson making a bad play. It had to do with their stout defense.

Houston’s secondary was torched all afternoon by Patriots’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Let’s face it, McDaniels out coached Texans’ defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel.

Check out this article written by Will Brinson of CBS Sports. He does a great job of detailing how the Pats schooled Houston’s defense on two big plays.

With the Patriots’ offense being a well-oiled machine under McDaniels and the Texans’ secondary having new parts this season, New England had the advantage.

There were way too many plays where Houston’s cornerbacks and safeties were not on the same page.

Anytime you see a wide receiver get wide open, it’s typically due to someone on the back end of the defense not doing his job.  It could also be two or more players mis-communicating with one another.

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With Texans’ cornerback Kevin Johnson out for a few more weeks and guys like Marcus Gilchrist and Marcus Burley now in the fold that weren’t on the team last year, it’s going to take some time for them to play well as a unit.

I don’t believe the Texans’ problems at the back-end of their defense has to do with a lack of talent. It’s something they can fix. But it could take a couple of weeks.

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