Can Deshaun Watson lead the Texans to the playoffs?

FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 24: DeShaun Watson
FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 24: DeShaun Watson /

Deshaun Watson hadthe ability to lead the Houston Texans to the playoffs.

The Houston Texans may have a record of 1-2 to start off the 2017 season, but they look very promising on offense even though a rookie is starting at quarterback in Deshaun Watson.

Now the Texans were a playoff team last season, but there aren’t guarantees in the NFL due to the fact that it’s a year-to-year and even week-to-week league.

One year or week a team may look unstoppable. While the next year or week a team may look like they don’t belong on the NFL.

The Texans’ secondary is all of a sudden a problem. While their offensive line may not be that bad with the likes of offensive tackles Chris Clark and Geno Giacomini playing well against the New England Patriots.

It’s safe to say that Watson has played better than people thought he would given the fact that everyone was saying that he wouldn’t be ready to start week one.

Now Watson didn’t start week one, but he took over as the starter in the second half of their week one loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Texans haven’t looked back since.

During his two and a half games, Watson has thrown for a total of 528 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions with a quarterback rating of 77.5. He’s also ran for 124 yards  and one touchdown on 15 carries. Not bad at all.

Watson’s passing isn’t great, but it’s not bad and he can hurt opposing defenses with his legs. Just ask the Cincinnati Bengals.

Given all of the talent that the Texans have and the fact they don’t play in a division like the AFC West, I believe Watson can lead Houston to the playoffs and possibly a division title.

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