D’Onta Foreman comments on recent arrest

Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images /

D’Onta Foreman confident his name will be cleared after arrest.

One of the more interesting headlines that surrounds the Houston Texans heading into training camp is the fact that rookie running back D’Onta Foreman was recently arrested for possession of marijuana as well as a firearm.

Now that the Texans have reported for training camp in West Virginia, Foreman faced the media and of course was asked about his recent arrest.

Patrick Starr of State of the Texans posted a video of Foreman talking to reporters.

Foreman sounds very confident that the charges against him will be dropped and I have to say I can’t blame him.

First of all, the firearm that Foreman had in his possession didn’t break any Texas laws since he has a license to carry it.

When it comes to the marijuana, it wasn’t Foreman’s. Instead it was in possession of a passenger that was in his vehicle at the time.

It’s unfortunate that Foreman has to enter his first NFL training camp with a dark cloud over him, but this is certainly something he can learn from going forward.

While I’m sure that Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien isn’t happy with Foreman’s arrest, he will have a chance to prove himself this summer and turn his image around.

The most important thing is that Foreman passed a marijuana test recently in order to help clear himself.  This of course means the NFL will have a really hard time placing him in their substance abuse program.

As of right now, it looks like everything will work out for Foreman and he will not face any discipline from the Texans or the NFL.