Bill O’Brien: Deshaun Watson getting better every day

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It’s not a surprise that Houston Texans rookie Deshaun Watson is getting better every day.

I mentioned during Thursday’s Morning Fix that Texans’ rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson is already making progress in head coach Bill O’Brien’s offense.

O’Brien told reporters that Watson is actually getting better every day.


"“Deshaun has come in and been impressive,” O’Brien said. “He’s come in here and done a really good job of putting the time in, learning the basics of our offense, going out on the field. … He’s really gotten better every day. He’s gotten a lot of reps.”"

O’Brien is impressed with how hard Watson has been working and how focused he’s been. It’s not easy for rookie quarterbacks to adjust to the NFL.

"“I think the big thing for him is he just needs to keep trying to get better every day,” O’Brien added. “It’s not easy to be a rookie quarterback in this league. It’s just a different game. I think he’s really come in here and put his head down and gone to work. And we’ve all noticed that and [are] looking forward to watching him improve every single day.”"

Despite the early positive signs, Tom Savage has looked better this week and without any surprise at all, he still has a sizable lead over Watson.

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The key for any rookie– especially a quarterback like Watson–is getting acclimated to the speed of the NFL.  It’s an entirely different game than at the college level.

Think about it.

There will be only 1,696 players in the NFL once the regular season begins.

In college there are thousands of players that play each season.  There are probably around 1,600 players in a conference like the SEC alone. Possibly more because college rosters are bigger.

With so many players in college, the level of competition is watered down compared to the NFL. That’s why some rookies take time to develop.