Texans rank high in FanSided’s NFL logo rankings

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans really do have one of the best logos.

Colton Wesley of FanSided’s DetroitJockCity.com put together a great article where he ranked every NFL logo from 32-1.

The Washington Redskins came in at No. 32, meaning they have the worst logo in the NFL. And I agree.

Wesley has the Houston Texans all the way up at No. 3.

Here’s what Wesley wrote about the Texans’ logo:

"When you share a league and a state with the Dallas Cowboys, how do you make your new expansion team—named the “Texans”—even more Texan than the Cowboys? You make your team’s logo a bull’s head in the colors of the Texas flag with a lone star for its eye!Seriously, the colors are literally deep steel blue, battle red and liberty white. You don’t get more Texas than that. It’s distinctive, loud, easily replicable and has so many ties to its team’s home, making it one of the best logos in the NFL."

In case you’re wondering, the New Orleans Saints were given the No. 1 ranking for their logo. No.2 is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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I honestly don’t agree with a lot of Wesley’s rankings.  But that’s fine.  Reading articles like his are great because it’s nice to read someone’s opinion about something like NFL logos.

I’ve always been a logo/uniform geek.

Comment below and let us know where you would rank the Texans’ logo.