Latest power rankings show Peter King doesn’t believe in Texans

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Are the Houston Texans really a bottom third team in the NFL?

I honestly don’t feel like the Texans have gotten worse this offseason even after losing cornerback A.J. Bouye in free agency. But many people don’t believe they’ll be very good in 2017.

Yes Houston was a 9-7 team last year, but Brock Osweiler was their quarterback and I can’t imagine that either Tom Savage or Deshaun Watson could play any worse.

Peter King of The MMQB has released his latest power rankings and he has the Texans at No. 20.

King explained why he’s not a big believer in the Texans heading into the upcoming season.

"I don’t trust them to have good quarterback play, and I’m skeptical of Bill O’Brien’s long-term future. I trust the defense, obviously. But with a shaky passing game (Tom Savage has huge pressure on him entering the season, obviously), that will exacerbate the worries about the future. Amazing that we’re not even that concerned about the return of J.J. Watt. That’s because the defense proved it could win without Watt. The offense, though, didn’t score 28 points in any of 18 games last year, and how exactly are they significantly improved unless Watson comes on fast? One final thing: When Gaine left for Buffalo last week, I took that as a bad sign for O’Brien’s future. O’Brien liked and respected Gaine. For Gaine to makes a sideways move to the Buffalo Bills may not be a great sign for the long-term prospects of the O’Brien administration."

It’s interesting that King believes Gaine leaving could be a sign that Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien’s future may not be certain.

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Let’s be honest though, it would be foolish for the Texans to move on from O’Brien before seeing if he can develop Watson over the next 2-3 years.

King also believes that Watson will end up starting 10 games a rookie. I agree.

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