Deshaun Watson’s Madden Ultimate Team rating revealed

The Madden Ultimate Team rating for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson doesn’t look bad at all.

I’m sure some Texans’ fans are not only excited about having Deshaun Watson for what he can do to help their team win football games. But also for the fact that they can now have a talented and fun quarterback to use when they’re the Texans in the Madden video game.

Sporting News has posted the ratings for the recently released Madden 17 Ultimate Team cards of every first round pick from this year’s NFL draft.

Here’s how Watson looks:

97 Overall Elite
Key Attributes: 96 Throw Accuracy Short, 94 Throw on Run, 93 Throw Power, 89 Throw Accuracy Deep, 88 Speed

82 Overall Gold
Key Attributes: 88 Throw Power, 88 Throw Accuracy Short, 88 Acceleration, 84 Speed, 79 Throw Accuracy Deep

Despite one of the knocks on Watson coming out of college being his accuracy, his Madden ratings certainly don’t look bad at all for that category.

With Watson’s speed and acceleration in the mid to late 80’s, he’s going to be a lot of fun to play with in Madden.

Even though these aren’t Watson’s Madden 18 ratings, I’m sure they won’t be far off.

If you’re a Madden player, leave a comment below and us know what you think about his ratings.