The Texans should trade J.J. Watt for a 1st round pick

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It’s time for the Houston Texans to trade J.J. Watt.

I have to admit, I’m very excited about the upcoming NFL season for the Houston Texans.

I’m excited because Houston finally has a young talented quarterback in Deshaun Watson that they can win with.  At least right now it looks that way.

I’m not sure if I would be as excited if the Texans had acquired Tony Romo this offseason.

While I did want the Texans to sign Romo, it’s more encouraging to have a young talented quarterback like Watson instead of someone who’s a hit away from breaking their collarbone or back again.

Of course the one drawback from trading up to draft Watson is that the Texans had to give up next year’s first round pick.

On top of that the Texans also don’t have a second round pick in 2018 after giving it up in order to unload quarterback Brock Osweiler.

If Houston wants to acquire a first round pick for next year’s draft, they could easily trade defensive star J.J. Watt.

Honestly, if I was running the Texans I would trade Watt tomorrow.

Before you tell me how stupid I am, let me make my case.

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Let’s face it, Watt is 28 years-old and he’s not going to get any better. He’s reached his prime and it’s only down hill from here.

Even if Watt is able to stay healthy over the course of the next few seasons, is he really going to be the same dominant player?  Maybe. Maybe not.

I believe Watt will flash at times, but let’s face it, he’s on the back end of his career as he approaches 30 years-old.

Watt admitted last year that he won’t try to play football as his skills diminish. This means his NFL career may only last another few years. Now’s the time to trade him.

It would surprise if the Texans wouldn’t be able to get a first and third round pick for Watt.

Aside from Watt already reaching his peak, the Texans’ defense proved last year that they don’t need him.

Mike Vrabel and Romeo Crennel’s unit already has young stars like Whitney Mercilus and Jadeveon Clowney that they can build around. They just might also have another young star in rookie linebacker Zach Cunningham after acquiring him in the second round of this year’s NFL draft.

Watt is one of the greatest players in Texans’ history, but sometimes it makes sense to move on from a player before he his best days are undoubtedly behind him.

The New England Patriots do it all the time. They’ve gotten rid of high performing players for draft picks and don’t miss a beat.

I believe that Houston would be just fine without Watt and once again it was already proven so last season.

Comment below and let me know if you think the Texans should trade J.J. Watt.