Michael Lombardi believes Deshaun Watson will start as a rookie

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Now that the Houston Texans have drafted quarterback Deshaun Watson, the question is will he start as a rookie?

As much as the Texans want to claim that Tom Savage is their starting quarterback heading into the 2017 NFL season, there’s no doubt in my mind that Deshaun Watson will start at some point this coming season.

It sounds like Mchael Lombardi of The Ringer agrees with me.

Lombardi was a guest on The Rich Eisen Show on Monday and was asked which rookie quarterback he believes has the best chance at starting this coming season.

"“I would say it’s Deshaun Watson. Only because I think Deshaun Watson’s character, his personality can take over that team,” said Lombardi.“With Watson I think he’s got to play. I think [Tom] Savage will start the season, but eventually Watson’s going to have to play if they’re going to be any good.”"

I can also see Savage beginning the season as the Texans’ starter, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Watson outplays him during the preseason.

I understand that Watson has to learn a much more complicated offense than what he ran in college, but he has three months to study his tail off before training camp begins.

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Watson also has the time to sit down with veterans like DeAndre Hopkins who can help him get up to speed.

As of right now I think Watson will be the Texans’ starter by week eight of the upcoming season.

Comment below and tell us whether you believe Watson will start as a rookie.