Texans Draft Grades 2017: Complete Houston Selections

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deshaun watson
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A. . QB. 1st Round. DESHAUN WATSON

I love this pick.

I know many people don’t believe that Watson can start right away, but these are also the same “experts” that whiff on players in the draft year in and year out.

Remember people thought Robert Griffin III would be a franchise quarterback. How did that work out?

Analysts were also saying Marcus Mariota wasn’t capable of starting right away with the Tennessee titans.  Now he’s one of the top young quarterbacks in the NFL.

So personally, I wouldn’t rule out Watson starting in 2017 and playing well.  He has the NFL’s top defense to help him out as well as an offense that’s loaded with weapons.

Watson is also a smart, mature young man that’s going to work his tail off in order to make sure he gets the job done.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show last week and said if he had to take one quarterback it would be Watson.

"“For me if I had to go with somebody…I love Watson. Because you know he’s going to work his butt off,” said Glazer. “Some people say oh he has accuracy issues.  Man it’s college, half of these guys aren’t running the right routes anyway.”"

Glazer compared Watson to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and said you know he’s going to “out work the world.”

And I know the Texans still need a right tackle, but I have to imagine someone will step up and get the job done.