Houston now wants to host the NFL draft

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The Houston Texans want to get their hands on the NFL draft.

The 2017 NFL draft was a huge success.

No one has ever seen a city like Philadelphia completely liven up an event that can be pretty boring after the first few rounds.

I remember watching the draft when it was in New York City and seeing a half empty Radio City Music Hall even though it was only the third round.

Philly took the event and took it up a notch by holding it outside and pretty much turning it into a weekend festival.

Now the city of Houston wants to get in on the action as they plan on bidding on hosting a future NFL draft.

From the Houston Chronicle:

"“It’s one of those marquee events that a lot of cities around the country want to host, and Houston wants to be part of that,” Texans president Jamey Rootes said."

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Rootes loves the visibility that the draft brings to a city.

"“The visibility of the draft is spectacular,” Rootes said. “It’s not Super Bowl level, but in NFL terms, that’s about as close as you can get.“To have that kind of visibility, certainly from a room-night perspective and an economic impact, it’s significant.”"

While it’s not too warm on the east coast around this time of year, I wonder if the NFL would worry about it possibly getting to hot in Houston if they were to try and host it outside.

Of course there are ways to fight the heat with water as well as portable cooling stations if they’re needed.

I could certainly see Houston getting to host the NFL draft in the future.