2014 NFL redraft has the Texans getting a franchise quarterback

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It’s obvious now that Derek Carr would have been the best pick for the Houston Texans in 2014.

Eliot Harrison of has posted a 2014 NFL redraft.

Of course in 2014 the Texans used the first overall pick on star pass-rusher Jadeveon Clowney.

In his re-draft Harrison has the Texans instead taking quarterback Derek Carr who ended up going to the Oakland Raiders in the second round.

Here’s what Harrison wrote:

"The Texans get their long-awaited quarterback without having to plunge into the waters of Osweiler, raise any barns with the Amish rifle or stomach any Ryan Mallett sideline pouting. Derek Carr posted a passer rating nearly 25 points higher than Osweiler’s last season."

I remember this draft very clearly and the only reason the Texans didn’t go with Carr is because of how things didn’t work out with his older brother David Carr after going first overall in 2002 as the Texans first ever draft pick.

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The problem is teams need to judge family members individually. They’re not all the same.

I’m sure the Texans were also worried that the pressure of making up for his brother’s failures in Houston might be too much for Derek Carr.

When looking at what Clowney did last year for the Texans there are certainly no regrets to how things turned out.  But if the Texans had gone with Carr they would likely be a Super Bowl contender right now.

Instead the Raiders are the title contenders in the AFC.