Texans grab quarterback in FanSided writers mock draft

Bart Boatwright/The Greenville News via USA TODAY Sports
Bart Boatwright/The Greenville News via USA TODAY Sports /

DeShaun Watson is the best quarterback option for the Houston Texans.

FanSided has released a mock draft where their experts make the picks for their respective teams.

In this case I took over as the Texans’ general manger and made the call on who they use the 25th overall pick on.

I decided to use Houston’s first round pick on Clemson quarterback DeShaun Watson.

Here’s my reasoning:

"With both DeShaun Watson and Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes on the board, it was very difficult to pick between the both of them.I ended up going with Watson because I feel like he’s an overall better player that will be able to come in and help the Texans faster.While we know that the belief is that none of the quarterbacks in this year’s class are ready to start right away, Mahomes is more of a project player and might need to sit and watch for more than a year.When it comes to Watson, I believe he might only need a year or less on the bench because of his leadership, poise in the pocket, ability to make clutch plays as well as his ability to throw with accuracy while on the run.To me Watson comes across as someone that can deal with the pressures of the NFL.I’m not saying Mahomes can’t deal with being an NFL quarterback, but It’s going to take him more time to get acclimated to the game.As much as people criticize Watson, he took Clemson to two straight National Championships and never flinched against a stout Alabama defense last season.I want that guy on my team."

I don’t have a problem with Mahomes. He’s actually grown on me over the past few months.  But I fell like Watson could come in and help the Texans faster than Mahomes.

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I know people don’t believe any quarterbacks in this year’s draft are ready to step in right away. But people didn’t think Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota would be able to start right away and he’s been very good since day one as a rookie.

It’s a given that whoever the Texans end up getting at quarterback will not play right away.  But let’s be honest, they might have to be pushed into action this coming season if Tom Savage can’t stay healthy or struggles as the starter.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on my pick.