Predicting the Texans’ round-by-round 2017 NFL draft strategy

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Will the Houston Texans take a quarterback in the first round?

One thing is for sure as we patiently wait for the 2017 NFL draft to kick off in just under three days, we have no idea what the Texans’ plan is heading in.

Yes, we know they are looking for a quarterback as well as a right tackle and could even use a safety.  But we don’t know what the Texans’ strategy is.

I’m going to do my best to predict what the Texans’ strategy might be in each of the seven rounds of this year’s draft.

1st Round

Well of course the Texans’ first choice will be to get a quarterback with the 25th overall pick, but there’s not a guarantee that one will be available that they want when they’re on the clock.

if Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes or DeShaun Watson are available, I would expect the Texans to snatch one of them up.

When it comes to first round picks, teams have to weigh whether they draft according to the best player available, according to need or a mixture of both.

If Houston passes on a quarterback here, look for them to take an offensive tackle like Cam Robinson or Garrett Bolles.

If there isn’t a tackle the Texans like they could use this pick on safety, linebacker or even a defensive lineman.

Ultimately the Texans first preference is a quarterback, then an offensive tackle, then likely the best player available. No matter what position that player plays.

They could even decide to trade down for more picks.  That would be a huge surprise though.

Prediction: Offensive tackle

2nd Round

Who the Texans target in the second round will greatly depend on what happens in round one.

If Houston gets their quarterback in the first round, I believe they will look to take an offensive tackle here.

Now if the Texans still need a quarterback, they could decide to take someone like Brad Kaaya, Nate Peterman or Josh Dobbs.

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If they still need both a quarterback and right tackle  I have a hard time believing they’ll take a player that lines up at any other position.

Then again there could be quarterback that the Texans like that drops into the third round. Which could lead to them passing on a signal-caller here.

Prediction: Quarterback

3rd Round

The third round is really the last round in the draft where an NFL team can acquire a player that can possibly start right away as a rookie.  After this round teams are drafting project players and guys that can help them on special teams as well as provide roster depth.

If the Texans are still looking for a quarterback or offensive line here, they will most certainly go that route.

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Other than that I could see the Texans taking a safety here if they get their quarterback and tackle in the first and second rounds

Prediction: Safety

4th-7th Round

Like I wrote above the Texans will use these rounds to add some depth to their roster and most importantly improve their special teams.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Houston Texans take another offensive line in order to add depth.

There will also be some very good cornerbacks still available since this year’s class is so deep.

The Texans could probably get a corner in the fifth round that’s a second or third round talent.

Prediction: Cornerback, Linebacker, Offensive Lineman and Wide Receiver

Feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts on what the Texans will do in this year’s draft.