Mike Mayock: DeShaun Watson is best QB, but has long way to go

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The Houston Texans would be lucky to land DeShaun Watson.

With this year’s NFL draft not having one or two quarterbacks that stand out from the rest of the pack, everyone has their own opinion on who’s the best in this year’s class.

NFL Media draft expert Mike Mayock believes that Clemon’s DeShaun Watson is the best quarterback in this year’s NFL draft, but believes he has a long way to go in his development.

From Philly.com:

"“Watson plays his best football when the lights are bright. And that’s an important characteristic at any position, but especially quarterback. He’s a quiet leader. A little bit like Marcus Mariota. He’s not a screamer, but his teammates really respect him. He threw 17 interceptions last year and that’s a concern. Like a lot of spread guys, I think he didn’t see some underneath coverage. When his first look was available, I thought he was outstanding. When he had to go beyond that, I thought his decision-making really went downhill. He’s got a long way to go. But I really like the kid and I really like his skill set.”"

I agree with Mayock that Watson is the best quarterback in the draft. And I also agree that like the other signal-callers, he has a lot to learn.

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One thing that Watson possesses that you cannot teach a quarterback is leadership. Another thing is that it looks like he has the maturity to lead an NFL team and be the face of a franchise.

As long as a quarterback has it together mentally, everything else can come together.

I believe that Watson has what it takes to grow and be great in the NFL despite his accuracy problems that can easily be corrected.

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