Mike Mayock: Texans shouldn’t reach for a quarterback

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Should the Houston Texans use their first round pick on a quarterback no matter what?

The Texans have a very tough decision to make when it comes to whether they should take a quarterback in the first round of this year’s draft.

NFL draft expert Mike Mayock of the NFL Network was a guest on Sean, Rich & Ted talk this past week and talked about the Texans’ quarterback situation heading into this year’s draft.

"“I think they’re in a really spot. And I don’t know how confident they felt about the whole Romo thing. You know I wasn’t behind their closed doors. I don’t know how they feel about the quarterbacks in their building,” said Mayock.“But they’re in a tough spot because unless they move up, I don’t think DeShaun Watson or Mitch Trubisky are going to be there at 25. They’re the two most logical guys.“But I think there’s another point that has to be discussed here and that is you know this Tom Savage kid, is he better than most of the quarterbacks coming out this year?”"

Mayock said that he coached Savage in a high school all-star game and knows he’s a talented passer.

"“There aren’t any good answers for Houston right now. Do you want Cutler? Do you want Kapernick?  I don’t want that. And I look at the draft and I’m not sure if at 25 there’s an answer. And I go, rather than reach for a quarterback at 25, I’d rather go get a good right tackle that can develop into a left tackle,” he continued."

Mayock then said he would rather the Texans go with Savage so they can finally find out what kind of quarterback they have in him, rather than reaching for a signal-caller in this year’s draft.

This would make sense since it’s a contract year for Savage.  But whether the Texans draft a quarterback or not, he’ll likely be Houston’s week one starter.

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At the end of the day, the Texans’ decision to draft a quarterback will come down to how much pressure is on both general manager Rick Smith and head coach Bill O’Brien to find a franchise quarterback now.

It might make sense for the Houston Texans to wait until next year to use a first round pick on a quarterback if the right one doesn’t fall into their lap’s this year.