Would the Texans trade for Christian Hackenberg?

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Does Christian Hackenberg make sense for the Houston Texans?

There’s a very good chance that the New York Jets will end up using their first round pick on a quarterback in this year’s NFL draft.

If the Jets do take a quarterback in the top-10, it would make sense for them to trade either Christian Hackenberg or Bryce Petty.

New York Jets beat writer Conner Hughes of NJ Advance Media was asked if he thinks the Texans would want to trade for Hackenberg.

"I’d say the Texans are the most likely team to trade for Christian Hackenberg, in my opinion. There’s a ton of connections to be made. Houston needs a quarterback, they’re not in perfect position to draft one, and coach Bill O’Brien got the most out of Hackenberg when he was at Penn State.But here’s something to remember: The Texans passed on Hackenberg when they had a chance to draft him last year. They traded up in the second round, in front of the Jets, and took guard Nick Martin.If the Jets draft Mitch Trubisky or Deshaun Watson, they’re going to try to trade Bryce Petty or Hackenberg. I’d be shocked if they didn’t. Whichever nets the best return will be moved.O’Brien could be willing to give up a fifth-round pick to take on Hackenberg as a project. Maybe a conditional sixth? We’ll see. But I’d say of all teams in the NFL, Houston’s the most likely to be interested."

Hughes did make a good point about O’Brien and the Texans passing on Hackenberg last year. But then again Houston already paid Brock Osweiler last year and didn’t need to draft a quarterback.

So why would they have used a second round pick on Hackenberg when they could instead take an offensive lineman like Nick Martin.

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The thing about trading for Hackenberg is that he likely won’t be ready to start this coming season. But then again a rookie wouldn’t be ready either.

It comes down to whether O’Brien believes he can develop Hackenberg into a viable starting NFL quarterback.  And he certainly knows whether that can happen or not after coaching him in college.

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