Ron Jaworski wouldn’t draft a quarterback in the first round

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Should the Houston Texans avoiding taking a quarterback in the first round?

It never fails.

Year after year there are always quarterback prospects that aren’t worthy of being drafted in the first round.

But NFL teams never listen.

The Texans are one of many teams that need a quarterback and are expected to take one with the 23rd overall pick.

ESPN NFL analyst and Ron Jaworski made it clear on SportsCenter that he wouldn’t draft a quarterback in the first round of this year’s NFL draft.

"“I would be shocked. I wouldn’t take one of these guys in the first round I’m a general manager. If I’m sitting there and I’m John Lynch out there in San Francisco, I’m looking at this saying I need a quarterback but none of these players right now look to be the guy that can solve my problem,” said Jaworski.“There’s no Jameis Winston. There’s no Marcus Mariota. There’s no Carson Wentz.”"

Jaws is probably right.

The problem is that NFL teams like the Texans are so desperate to find a franchise quarterback that they’ve willing to take a risk when it comes to drafting a quarterback too early.

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We’ve seen this happen recently after watching quarterbacks like Josh Freeman, Christian Ponder and even Blaine Gabbert being taken earlier in the draft than they should have been.

There will always be at least one NFL general manager that believes a prospect is better than what the majority of people believe.

When it comes to the Texans, general manager Rick Smith better choose the right quarterback. Or his job could soon be on the line.